FA61 Tangential Fan (Evaporator)

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FA61 Tangential Fan (Evaporator), compatible with the following Lincat models:

Curved Front Refrigerated Merchandisers (650): C6R/75BU, C6R/75SU, C6R/100BU, C6R/100SU,
C6R/125BU, C6R/125SU, C6R/105BL, C6R/105BR, C6R/105SL, C6R/105SR, C6R/130BL, C6R/130BR, C6R/130SL, C6R/130SR

Rectangular Refrigerated Merchandisers (650): D6R/75B, D6R/75S, D6R/100B, D6R/100S, D6R/125B, D6R/125S

Rectangular Refrigerated Merchandisers (500): D5R/100B, D5R/100S, D5R/125B, D5R/125S

Excl. Tax: £40.90 Incl. Tax: £49.08