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All lincat spare parts

ABP03 Branding Plate Enamel Drip Tray and Shelf Mounted Drip Tray BA112 Basket (202x310x99.5mm) BA113 Single Tank Basket( 310x160x130mm) BA114 1/2 Basket (101x310x99.5mm) BA115 1/4 Right Hand Basket (101x155x99.5mm) BA116 1/4 Left Hand Basket (101x155x99.5mm) BA122 1/2 Basket 330 x 114 x 140mm BA155 Frying Basket (218x199x88mm) BA156 Frying Basket (237x120x88mm) BA157 Full Basket BA158 1/2 Basket BA159 Half Basket (337x133x144mm) BA165 Basket (337x165x152mm) BA41 Basket (320x320mm) BA61 Ball Knob BA82 Basket 330x215x140mm BA83 1/2 Basket 330x140x140mm BA91 Oblong Basket (310x200x100mm) BA93 Basket (300x160x100mm) BA94 Basket (260x200x100mm) BA96 1/2 Size Basket (310x100x100mm) BA98 Basket (300x200x150mm) BE16 Tap Bezel BE17 Neon Bezel BE21 Bulls Eye BE33 Bearings BE40 Pillar Block Bearing BL11 Ballast 15Watt BL12 Ballast 30Watt BM01 Burner Safety Grid BO03 Wire Basket Support Boss BO04 Boss for Float Valve BP10 Cooking Grid (4 or 5 per unit) BP17 Batter Plate BP18 Batter Plate BP22 Branding Plate BP32 Batter Plate BP33 Batter Plate BP34 Batter Plate BP37 Branding Plate BP38 Batter Plate BP39 Batter Plate BP40 Batter Plate c/w Oil Level and Basket Support BP41 Batter Plate c/w Oil Level and Basket Support BP43 Branding Grid BP45 Branding Plate BP46 Batter Plate BR05 Branding Plate BR08 L/H Thermocouple Bracket BR09 R/H THERMOCOUPLE BRACKET BR10 Branding Plate BR39 Branding Plate BR49 Wall Brackets BR50 Wall Brackets BS05 Basket Support BS06 Basket Support BS07 Basket Support BS29 Basket Hanger BS30 Basket Hanger BS31 Basket hanger BU07 Burner Case BU08 Burner Head BU09 Burner Cap BU109 Burner Olive (Hob) 10mm BU110 Burner Supply Nut (Hob) (M17x1) BU111 Burner Gasket (Hob) BU13 Burner (4 per unit) BU142 Burner BU143 Hob Burner BU160 Hob Jet Holder BU161 Hob Burner Base O ring BU164 Hob Burner Clip BU165 Hob Burner O Ring BU166 Hob Venturi BU17 Burner BU171 Bulb 18watt BU172 Bulb 30watt BU173 Bulb 15watt BU213 Burner Base BU215 Burner Injector Holder BU216 Burner Head BU219 Burner Head BU224 Burner Base BU225 Burner Injector Holder BU226 Burner Cap Bu227 Bulb for LA10 BU23 Tile Burner BU24 Burner BU248 Burner BU250 Burner BU253 4kW Tubular Burner BU254 Tank Pivot Bearing BU28 Burner BU29/S Ceramic Plaque Burner BU30/S Ceramic Plaque Burner BU35 Burner Body BU36 Burner Cap BU42 Burner (Oval) BU43 Burner BU55 Door Bushes BU61 Burner BU62 Hinge Bush BU66 Burner BU68 ?9kW Oven Burner BU69 Ceramic Plaque Burner BU72 Bottom Hinge Bush BU75 Burner (Round) BU76 Burner BU77 ?Burner BU78 Oven Burner BU79 6kW Oven Burner BU80 5kW Sealed Hob Burner BU81 Hinge Bush BU83 Hob Burner (Base Port Ring and Venturi Pipe Included) BU86 Oven Burner BU87 Burner BU88 Burner CA105 Door Catch Plate CA109 Fixed Castors 125mm CA111 Magnetic Door Catch CA112 Braked Castor CA113 Swivel Castor (No Brake) CA114 Door Catch Plate CA115 Door Catch Plate CA120 Catch Striker Plate CA130 ?Swivel Castor 100mm (Unbraked) CA131 ?Swivel Castor 100mm (Braked) CA143 Braked Swivel Castor 125mm CA145 Unbraked Swivel Castor 125mm CA146 Casting RH SL Fryers CA147 Casting LH SL Fryers CA150 100mm Braked Castor CA157 Door Catch Plate CA158 Door Catch Plate CA184 Fixed Castor CA86 Castors CA92 Door Catch Plate CB01 Corner Bumper CD05 Condenser CD06 Condenser CD07 Condenser CD08 Condenser CD09 Condensor CD10 Condensor CG10 Cooking Grid CG104 Ceramic Glass CG105 Ceramic Glass CG11 Cooking Grid CO202 Solenoid Connector CKGR3 Control Valve Conversion Kit CKGR7 Control Valve Conversion Kit CKN01/PEL Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN02/PEL Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN05/PEL Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN07/PEL Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN09/PEL Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN10/PEL Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN13 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN13-A002 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN14 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN14-A002 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN19/PEL Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN20 Conversion Kit Natural Gas CKN21 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN22 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN23 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN24 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN25 Conversion Kit To Natural Gas CKN26 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN27 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN28 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN30 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN31 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN35 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN36 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN37 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN38 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN39 Conversion Kit To Natural Gas CKN40 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN41 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN42 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN43 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN47 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN48 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN49 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN50 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN54 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN55 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN56 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN57 Conversion Kit To Natural Gas CKN58 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN59 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN60 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN61 Conversion Kit To Natural Gas CKN62 Conversion Kit To Natural Gas CKN63 Conversion Kit To Natural Gas CKN64 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN65 CONVERSION KIT TO NATURAL GAS CKN66 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN67 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN68 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN69 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN70 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN71 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN72 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN73 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN74 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN76 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN77 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN79 COnversion Kit to Natural Gas CKP07/PEL Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP09/PEL Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP10/PEL Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP13 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP13-A002 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP14 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP14-A002 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP18/PEL Conversion Kit to LPG CKP21 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP22 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP24 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP25 Conversion Kit To LPG Gas CKP26 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP28 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP30 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP31 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP35 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP36 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP37 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP38 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP39 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP40 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP41 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP42 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP43 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP47 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP48 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP49 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP50 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP54 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP55 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP57 Conversion Kit To LPG Gas CKP58 Conversion Kit To LPG Gas CKP59 Conversion Kit To LPG Gas CKP60 Conversion Kit To LPG Gas CKP61 Conversion Kit To Propane Gas CKP62 Conversion Kit to Propane Gas CKP63 Conversion Kit to Propane Gas CKP64 Conversion Kit to Propane Gas CKP65 Conversion Kit to Propane Gas CKP66 Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKP67 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP68 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP69 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP70 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP71 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP72 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP73 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP74 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP76 Conversion Kit to LPG Gas CKP77 Conversion Kit to LPG CKP79 Conversion Kit to Propane Gas CKS02 Castor Kit CL02 Cross Lighter CO09 Power Relay CO106 Retaining Nut for IG08 CO108 Top Cover c/w Basket Hanger CO109 Top Cover CO112 Contactor CO113 Copper Washer (Burner Jet) CO117 Elbow 1/2 BSP x 15mm CO148 Neutral Connection Block CO162 Male Stud Elbow CO164 Tube 1/2 BSP x 15mm CO167 Water Inlet Valve CO174 Locknut 1/2BSP CO207 1/4 to 1/4 Elbow CO214 Contactor CO215 Contactor CO239 Conduit Assembly CO244 Conduit Assembly CO249 15mm OD Equal Elbow CO251 Dispense Nozzle CO264 Contactor CO284 Top Cover Complete W/ Basket Hanger CO285 Top Cover CO316 Top Cover Complete w/ Basket hanger CO317 Top Cover CO44 Tank Connector CO45 Blanking Off Nut CO52 Burner Elbow CP04 Cast Plate (Left and right) CP12 Coupling CP40 Cast Plate CP-LDF/A002 Control Panel Assembley CR06 Compressor CR07 Compressor CR08 Compressor CV03 Check Valve CV1/S Conveyor Chain DI29 Diffuser (For BU171) DI30 Diffuser (For BU171) DI31 Diffuser (For BU172) DI32 Diffuser (For BU171) DI33 Diffuser (For BU172) DO124 Door Catch Assembly DO142 Door Catch DO146 Upper Door DO148 Left Hand Door DO149 Right Hand Door DO150 Left Hand Door DO151 Right Hand Door DO152 Door Assembly DO153 Door Assembly DO154 Door Assembly DO157 Lower Door DO165 Upper Door DO166 Upper Door DO211 Door Catch DO23 ?Door Complete DO26 Door Complete DO73 Door Catch DP10 Descale Powder DR06 Drawer Runner DR08 Drain Plate DR25 Drain Set DR26 Dryer 15g DR28 Drip Tray (No Insert or Support) DR30 Drain Filter Channel DR33 Drain Plate DR43 Drip Tray DR44 Drip Drawer c/w Handle DR45 Drip Drawer Channel DR46 Debris Drawer c/w Handle DR47 Drip Tray DR56 Drip Drawer c/w Handle DR58 ?Door Runner DR59 ?Stainless Steel Door Runner DR61 ?Door Runner Channel DR69 Fat Drawer DR72 Drip Tray DR74 Drawer DR75 Drawer DR76 Drawer DR77 Drawer DR78 Drip Drawer DS08/s ?Door Slider (PTFE) DS11/S ?Top Door Channel DS12/S ?Bottom Door Channel DS24 Drainage System DS29 Door Slider DT1 Digital Thermometer DT5 500 Deg Dial Thermometer DT7 Drain Tube Assembly DV01 Drain Valve DV02 Drain Valve EA01 Easy Lift System EBM02 Left hand Drip Tray Support EBM08 Outer Lid EBM14 Cup Guide EBM15 Display Fascia EBM20 Moulded Outer Lid EC04 Handle End Piece EC13 End Cap (For BU171) EC14 End Cap With Starter Holder (For BU171 and BU172) EC15 Digital Controller EC16 Controller EC35 Handle End Piece ECO9/SR/A001 Sideracks C/W Base Plate ECO9/SR/A002 Side Rack EG01 Element Guard EG02 Element Guard EL01 3kW Element c/w Cut-Out EL03 Element Triple Ring EL103 3kW Element EL104 2kW Element EL105 2.7kW Element EL106 3kW Element EL107 4.5kW Element EL108 3kW Element EL110 4kW Element EL123 1.35kW Top Element EL124 1.65kW Bottom Element EL134 ?Element EL135 ?Element EL136 Element EL141 3kW Element EL146 2kW Element EL147 3kW Element EL148 ?0.75kW Element EL149 6kW Element EL150 0.475kW Centre Elements EL151 0.370kW End Elements EL152 2kW Element EL154 ?0.85kW Element (Bains Marie) EL156 3.7kW Element EL160 2.5kW Element EL161 2kw Element EL162 1.5kw Element EL170 ?Element 0.75Kw EL171 ?Element 1.5Kw EL172 ?Element 2Kw EL174 Element EL176 ?1.75kW Element (Top) EL177 ?1.1kW Element (Bottom) EL178 3kW Element EL179 4.5kW Element EL180 7kW Element EL183 0.5kW Centre Elements EL184 0.4kW End Elements EL185 11kW Element EL188 2.6kW Square Hotplate Element EL189 12kW Element EL19/UL ?0.75kW Element EL190 1.5kW Element EL194 Left Hand Element 2333W EL195 Centre Hand Element 2333W EL196 Right Hand Element 2333W EL197 3kW Element EL198 6kW Element EL199 Element EL200 9kW Element EL201 4kW Element EL202 3.5kW Element EL203 3.4kW Element EL206 8kW Element EL207 1kW Element EL208 Element c/w Limit Thermostat EL209 6kW Element EL210 9kW Element EL211 6kW Element EL212 1.8kW Element only EL214 0.25kW Element (Pre-bent EL15/FL Only) EL215 ?0.25kW Element (Hotcupboard Inner) EL216 0.5kW Element (Pre-bent EL18) EL217 0.5kW Element (Pre-bent EL18) EL218 ?Pre-bent Element EL219 0.75kW Element EL220 12kW Element EL221 2kW Element EL222 1.5kW Element EL225 1.25kW Bottom Element EL226 1kw Top Element EL227 3kW Element EL228 3kW Element EL229 2.5kW Element EL232 2.5KW Element EL235 3kW Element EL236 1.5kW Element EL237 4.5kW Element EL239 1.3kW Element (Top) EL240 1.1kW Element (Bottom) EL241 4.5kW Element EL248 3kW Oven Element EL253 ?Element EL257 9kw Element EL258 1kw Element Top EL259 0.9kw Element Bottom EL26 0.5kW Element (450mm/18 Spring) EL260 1.4kw Element Top EL261 1.35kw Element Bottom EL262 2.4kw Element Top EL263 2.35kw Element Bottom EL264 3kw Element EL265 6kw Element EL266 6kw Element EL267 9kw Element EL268 6kw Element EL269 3kw Element EL270 8kw Element EL272 8.25 kW Element EL273 11.2 kW Element EL276 5.3kw Element EL277 3KW Element EL278 2 kW Element EL279 1.35kW Element (Bains Marie) EL280 4.3Kw Element EL290 2.6kW Round Hotplate EL295 6kW Oven Element EL297 3kW element EL298 4.5kW Element EL299 1.45kW Element EL30 2kW Element EL306 Interlocking Element EL309 Hi-Light Element EL31 1kW Element EL310 2kW Element EL313 8.4kW Element EL314 6.2kW Element EL34 ?1kW Element (Hotcupboard Outer) EL50 2.8kW Element EL59 1kW Element (Top) EL93 ?1.5kW Element EN02 Control Potentiometer EN10 Energy Regulator ERK1 Energy Regulator Retro Kit EV06 Evaporator EV07 Evaporator EV08 Evaporator EV09 Evaporator EV10 Evaporator FA102 Fan Impeller Blade FA106 Oven Fan ? FA109 Condenser Fan Motor FA111 Condenser Fan Motor FA112 Fan FA117 Fascia Overlay FA12 Oven Centrifugal Fan FA120 Cooling Fan FA126 Centrifugal Fan FA127 Fascia Overlay FA128 Fascia Overlay FA130 Fascia Overlay FA131 Fascia Overlay FA132 Fascia Overlay FA133 Fascia Overlay FA25 Fan Assembly FA36 Phial Clips FA42 Tangential Fan FA44 ?Condensor Fan FA51 Fan FA61 Tangential Fan (Evaporator) FA62 Axial Fan FA63 Tangential Fan (Evaporator) FB03 Filter Bag FC02 Filter Cartridge FC02/CAP Filter Cartridge Cap for FC02 FC04 Filter Cartridge FC21 Filter Holder FE01 Feet FE10 Adjustable Foot FE11 Ferrule (Spring and Screw Included) FE12 Ferrule FE28 Adjustable Feet FE29 150mm Parallel Grey Leg FE30 Fixing Plate for FE29 FE35 Foot FE37 Adjustable Foot FE40 150mm Leg FG03 Fanguard FH02 Filter Head FH04 Filter Head FI11 Aluminium Grease Filter FI13 Charcoal Filter FI15 Foam Pad Filter FI33 Filter Pad FI34 Schaffner EMC Filter Fi35 Vortech EMC Filter FI36 Air Filter FI37 Air Filter FI40 SmartVent Baffle Filter FI41 Removable Filter Pad FI42 Ferrite Ring FI43 Noise Filter FL17 Flap (575mm Width) FL18 Flap (450mm Width) FL19 Flap (326mm Width) FL20 Curved Flap FL21 Curved Flap FL22 Curved Flap FL23 Flap FL24 Flap FL29/S Float Valve FL30 Float Copper FP02 ?Finger Pull 40mm FP08 Filter Pad Holder FP09 Filter Pad Holder FS01 Float Switch FU25 Fuse FZ100805 Element Lifting Hook FZ100850 Supply Cable 5 x 2.5 MM FZ101139 Stainless Steel Filter (Pump Models Only) FZ101140 Stainless steel filter (pump models only) FZ101142 Filter Bag Support FZ101143 Filter Bag Support FZ101158 Filter Bag Support FZ101159 Filter Bag Support FZ101771 Solenoid FZ214013 Oil Pump FZ214026 AC-DC Transformer FZ214088 Magnet for Micro Switch and Doors FZ214160 Flexible Red Drain Pipe Assembly FZ400547 Microswitch FZ401101 Drain Valve G/CD01 Condenser G/CR10 ?Compressor G/DR02 Dryer 10G G/FI25 Removable Filter GA02 Element Gasket GA05 Element Gasket GA09 Fan Gasket GA10 Electrode Gasket GA25 Gasket for BU35 Burner Body GA38 Tank seal GA39 Tank seal GA40 Tank seal GA44 Casting Gasket GA45 Element Gasket GA51 Lid Gasket GA53 R/H Casting Gasket GA54 L/H Casting Gasket GA55 Element Gasket GA56 Tank Lid Gasket GA59 Insulation GA62 Lid Gasket GA63 Lid Gasket GA82 Tank Gasket GA83 Tank Gasket GCB01 Carbon Cleaner 5ltr GF01 Glass Front (Black) GF02 Glass Front (White) GL03 Door Glass GL201 ?Front Glass GL202 Glass Door (325x366mm WXH) GL203 Side Glass (378x471x4mm WxHxD) GL205 Inner Door Glass GL410 Curved Side Glass GL411 Front Glass (935x350mm WxH) GL412 Front Glass (685x350mm WxH) GL413 Curved Side Glass GL415 Top/Front Glass (935x350mm WxH) GL416 Top/Front Glass (685x350mm WxH) GL417 Top/Front Glass (1185x350mm WxH) GL418 Curved Glass GL419 Curved Glass GL420 Curved Front Glass GL421 Side Glass (585x585mm WxH) GL423 Front Glass (685x585mm WxH) GL424 Front Glass (935x585mm WxH) GL425 Front Glass (1185x585mm WxH) GL426 Side Glass (435x435mm WxH) GL427 Front Glass (685x435mm WxH) GL428 Front Glass (935x435mm WxH) GL430 Top Glass (685x285mm WxD) GL432 Top Glass (685x285mm WxD) GL437 Side Glass (435x435mm WxH) GL438 Front Glass (685x435mm WxH) GL439 Front Glass (935x435mm WxH) GL443 Glass Door (360x416mm WxH) GL444 Glass Door (485x416mm WxH) GL445 Glass Door (350x566mm WxH) GL446 Glass Door (485x566mm WxH) GL447 Top Glass (685x285mm WxD) GL450 Glass Base Panel (600x350mm WxD) GL451 Glass Base Panel (900x350mm WxD) GL453 Glass Side Panel (342x460mm WxH) GL462 Glass Front Panel (600x460mm WxH) GL463 Glass Front Panel (900x460mm WxH) GL465 Top Glass Panel (900x350mm WxD) GL466 Glass Door (310x450mm WxH) GL467 Glass Door (460x450mm WxH) GL468 Glass Shelf (883x310mm WxD) GL470 Glass Front Panel (600x615mm WxH) GL471 Top Glass Panel (600x350mm WxD) GL472 Glass Side Panel (342x615mm WxH) GL473 Glass Shelf (583x310mm WxD) GL474 Glass Door (310x605mm WxH) GL475 Curved Glass GL476 Curved Glass GL477 Side Glass GL48 Door Glass GL49 Door Glass GL492 Glass GL493 ?Glass GL494 ?Glass GL498 Glass Door (560x466mm WxH) GL499 Glass Door (410x466mm WxH) GL502 Inner Door Glass GL503 Inner Door Glass GL510 Glass Door (368x470x6mm WxHxD) GL511 Inner Door Glass GL513 Inner Door Glass GL515 Inner Door Glass GL517 Glass Sneeze Screen For Gantry GL518 Glass Sneeze Screen For Gantry GL519 Glass Sneeze Screen For Gantry GL520 Glass Sneeze Screen For Gantry GL68 Starter (For BU171 and BU172) GL70 Glass Sneeze Screen GL71 Glass Sneeze Screen GL80 GL82 Locknut GP02 Grill Pan GP04 Grill Pan (2 Handles) GR02 Black Cone Grommet GR133 Ribbed Top Cooking Plate GR135 Ribbed Bottom Cooking Plate GR136 Top Cooking Plate GR137 Ribbed Top Cooking Plate GR138 Bottom Cooking Plate GR139 Ribbed Bottom Cooking Plate GR155 Top Cooking Plate GR63 Top Cooking Plate GR65 Bottom Cooking Plate GRTC03 Thermocouple HA02 Handle HA05 Handle HA06 Black Handle Disc HA105 Door Handle HA106 Door Handle HA11 Handle Assembly HA112 Spoked Handwheel HA17 Steel Handle Disc HA46 ?Door Handle HA50 Oven Door Handle HA68 Door Handle HA72 Handle HA73 Handle HA77 Door Handle HA78 Door Handle HA79 Handle HA83 Moulded Handle HA92 Door Handle HI03 Door Hinge HI11 Lower Hinge HI116 L/H Door Hinge Plate HI117 R/H Door Hinge Plate HI118 L/H Pin Hinge Plate HI119 R/H Pin Hinge Plate HI12 Upper Hinge HI120 Hinge Lower Left Hand HI121 Hinge Lower Right Hand HI130 Glass Door Hinge HI133 Top Hinge HI134 Top Hinge HI136 HInge Upper Right Hand HI137 Hinge Upper Left Hand HI138 Top Hinge HI139 Bottom Hinge HI140 Top Hinge HI141 Hinge Upper Left Hand HI145 Hinge Upper Left Hand HI146 Hinge Upper Right Hand HI147 Bottom Hinge HI150 Bottom Hinge HI151 Top Hinge HI24 Door Hinge (Salice) HI25 Door Hinge Bracket (Salice) HI57 Top/Bottom Hinge HI58 Top Hinge (Mounted on oven) HI60 Bottom Hinge (Mounted on Oven) HI74 Door Hinge HI76 Door Hinge HI78 Bottom Right Hinge (oven) HI80 Hinge Upper Right Hand HI90 Hinge Upper Left Hand HI91 Hinge Upper Right Hand HI92 Bottom Hinge Left Hand HI93 Bottom Hinge Right Hand HO10 2kW Hotplate (190mm diameter) HO102 Element Lifting Hook HO11 1.5kW Hotplate (190mm diameter) HO114 Element Lifting Hook IG03 Ignition Electrode IG06 Ignition Lead IG11 Ignition Lead IG12 Piezo Ignitor IG14 Igniter Electrode IG15 Igniter Electrode IG16 Igniter Electrode IG17 Electrode and Lead IG18 Ignitor Lead 1400mm IG19 Piezo Ignitor (For VA20 Nova Sit valve) IG20 Bracket for IG19 IG21 Screw for IG19-IG20 IG30 Electrode IG35 Piezo Ignitior c/w earth lead IG37 Ignitor Earth Lead IG38 Ignitior Piezo IG39 Ignition Lead IG43 Ignition Electrode IG44 Ignition Lead IG45 Flame Detection Lead IG46 Flame Sensing Electrode IM021 Ribbon Cable IM023 Potentiometer IM024 Ribbon Cable For IM06 IM04 Magnawave Induction Generator 3.5kW IM041 Control Potentiometer IM06 Generator (incl pcb) IM07 4 x 5.0kW Vario Quad Generator IM24 Generator ( incl pcb) IM25 Generator ( incl pcb) IM26 Potentiometer Com/Link IM27 2 x 5kW 220mm Quad Coils IM33 Small Red and Green LEDs with 0.2M cable IN08 Interrupter Block (Twin Tag) IR01 Bulls Eye Lifter JE04 Burner Jet JE06 Burner Jet JE08 Bypass Jet Propane JE103 Burner Injector (Hob) JE106 Pilot Injector (Hob) JE107 Burner Jet (Oven) JE109 Burner Jet (Oven) JE110 Pilot Jet Natural JE111 Pilot Jet Propane JE112 Oven Burner Jet JE115 Hob Burner Jet (Nat Gas) JE116 Oven Low Rate Jet/Hob Burner Jet JE117 Low Rate Jet Oven/Hob JE120 Low Rate Jet (Propane) JE123 Low Rate Jet for (Propane) JE125 Low Rate Oven Jet for TH64 (Propane) JE126 ?Low Rate Jet (Natural) JE127 Low Rate Jet (Hob Valve) JE128 Low Rate Jet (Natural) JE129 Low Rate Jet (Propane) JE13 Burner Jet (Natural and Propane) JE130 Low Rate Jet Natural JE136 Bypass Jet (Natural) JE137 Bypass Jet (Propane) JE14 Burner Jet JE148 Bypass Jet (Propane) JE149 Bypass Jet (Natural) JE15 Burner Jet (Propane) JE151 Hob Burner Jet JE152 Hob Burner Jet JE153 Burner Injector JE154 Burner Jet (Propane) JE155 Injector Jet (Natural) JE156 Injector Jet (Propane) JE157 Injector Jet (Butane) JE16 Burner Jet (Natural) JE19 Pilot Jet (Natural) JE20 Pilot Jet (Propane) JE204 Hob Jet Natural JE205 Hob Jet (Propane) JE206 Oven Burner Jet (Natural) JE207 Hob Low Rate Jet Propane JE208 Oven Low Rate Jet Propane JE209 Hob Low Rate Jet Natural JE210 Oven Low Rate Jet Natural JE216 Bypass Injector (Natural) JE217 Bypass Injector (Propane) JE218 Hob Burner Jet (Propane) JE22 Injector Jet JE220 Hob Jet (Propane) JE250 Thermostat Low Rate Screw (Natural) JE251 Thermostat Low Rate Screw (Propane) JE254 Hob Jet (Natural) JE255 Hob Jet (Propane) JE273 Hob Burner Injector (Natural) JE274 Hob Burner Injector (Propane) JE277 Burner Jet (Natural Gas) JE278 Burner Jet (LPG) JE28 Burner Jet JE29 Main Oven Jet (Propane) JE31 Pilot Jet (Natural) JE32 Pilot Jet (Propane) JE34 Burner Jet (Propane) JE36 Burner Jet JE39 Injector Jet JE40 Burner Jet JE43 Burner Jet (Propane) JE45 Burner Jet JE46 Burner Jet (Natural) JE47 Burner Jet JE48 Burner Jet (Propane) JE50 Burner Jet (Oven) JE51 Burner Jet (Oven) JE52 Main Oven Jet (Natural) JE55 Oven Pilot Jet (Propane) JE56 Pilot Jet JE57 Pilot Injector JE63 Low Rate Jet (Propane) JE64 Main Oven Jet (Natural) JE65 Low Rate Jet Hob and Oven (Propane) JE66 Oven Pilot Jet (Natural) JE67 Burner Jet (Propane) JE68 Burner Jet (Natural) JE69 Low Rate Jet for TH50 (Propane) JE71 Main Oven Jet (Propane) JE83 Burner Jet (Natural) JE84 Burner Jet (Natural) JE86 Pilot Injector (Natural) JE87 Pilot Injector (Propane) JE88 Burner Jet (Natural) JE89 Burner Jet (Propane) JE91 Cross Lighter Injector JE92 Cross Lighter Injector JE93 Low Rate Jet (Propane) JE94 Natural Gas Injector JE95 LPG Injector JE97 Injector Jet JE98 Injector Jet KA10 Kaowool Insulation KB01 Kiln Bats (533 x 372mm D x W) KB02 Kiln Bat 640 x 620mm D x W) KB03 Kiln Bat (640 x 470mm D x W) KB21 ?Kiln Bats (540x540mm DxW) KC01 Knob Clip KN10 Lid Knob KN103 Thermostat Knob KN104 Igniter Knob KN122 ?Control Knob (Hot Cupboard) KN123 ?Control Knob (Hot Cupboard) KN124 ?Control Knob (Bains Marie) ? KN139 ?Thermostat Knob KN140 Lid Knob and Disc KN143 LT Timer Knob KN144 Selector Knob KN145 Selector Knob KN154 Oven Thermostat Knob KN155 Hob Burner Knob KN163 Knurled Knob (for Heatshield) KN17 Hob Burner Knob KN18 Oven Burner Knob KN180 Control Knob KN181 Timer Knob KN182 Control Knob KN183 Thermostat Knob KN184 Control Knob KN188 Control Knob KN189 Oven Control Knob KN191 Oven Control Knob KN196 Burner Knob KN197 Lift Mech Knob KN198 Gas Fryer Thermostat Knob KN203 Control Knob KN206 Control Knob KN220 Oven Control Knob KN224 Hob Control Knob KN225 Control Knob KN226 Control Knob KN227 Hob Control Knob KN228 Oven Control Knob KN229 Control Knob KN230 Oven Control Knob KN231 Control Knob KN232 Control Knob KN233 Control Knob KN234 Hob Control Knob KN237 Energy Regulator Knob KN238 Switch Knob (6 Position) KN239 ?Timer Knob KN240 Thermostat Knob KN241 Thermostat Knob KN242 Control Knob KN243 Timer Knob KN245 Thermostat Knob KN246 Door Handle KN247 Timer Knob (60 Minute) KN248 Timer Knob (180 Minute) KN249 Thermostat Knob KN251 Control Knob KN252 Gas Fryer Thermostat Knob KN253 Control Knob KN256 Hob Control Knob KN257 Oven Control Knob KN259 Control Knob KN260 Thermostat Knob 480 Deg KN261 Energy Regulator Knob KN262 Timer Knob KN263 Control Knob KN264 Oven Control Knob KN266 Oven Control Knob KN268 Control Knob-Induction KN269 Thermostat Knob KN270 Timer Knob (TI38 Only) KN271 Control Knob KN272 Timer Knob (For TI20) KN273 Timer Knob (For TI38) KN274 Timer Knob (For TI38) KN278 Control Knob KN500 Control Knob KN501 Control Knob KN502 Control Knob KN503 Hob Control Knob KN504 Oven Control Knob KN505 Oven Control Knob KN506 Control Knob KN507 Control knob KN509 Thermostat knob KN510 Control Knob KN511 Control Knob KN514 Hob Control Knob KN517 Oven Control Knob KN520 Splashguard Knob KN54 ?Thermostat Knob KN92 ?Energy Regulator Knob KN93 Burner Knob KN95 Timer Knob LA02 ?Lamp Holder for LA12 LA05 T5 21Watt Linear Strip Light (AO02 Onwards) LA08 25 Watt Bulb LA10 Oven Lamp Assembly LA112 ?Lamp Holder LA14 Lamp c/w 25 Watt Bulb LA19 Lamp c/w 40w Bulb LA210 Lamp LA211 Lamp Holder LA293 Side Latch LA324 200W Heat Lamp LA325 Lamp Holder LA326 Reflector For Lamp LA340 Led Insey Downlight LA87 Lamp Assembly incl bulb LA94 40 Watt Bulb LE14 Plastic Cover for SW69 LE18 Lower Level Sensor LE21 Upper Level Sensor LE33 ?Leg LE37 Adjustable Leg 150mm LE38 Adjustable Leg LE42 Adjustable Leg 150mm LE49 Lower Level Sensor LE51 Lower Level Sensor LE57 Level Sensor Insulators LE64 Lower Level Sensor LE65 Eco (Middle) Level Sensor LE68 Upper Level Sensor LI09 Lid ? LI10 Lid LI11 Lid LI12 Lid LI163 Lid LI20 Lid LI21 Lid LI22 Lid LI32 Tank Lid LI42 Cooking Grid Lifter LI52 Inner Lid LI53 Inner Lid LI62 Lid LI65 Tank Lid [Inner] LK05 Leg Kit LK06 Leg Kit LN01 Locking Nut For TC14 LN04 Lock Nut for EL01 LO01 Louvre (9 Per Unit) LO02 Middle Louvre LO05 Louvre (8 Per Unit) LO06 Middle Louvre LO07 Louvres (7 per unit) LO08 Middle Louvre (1 per unit) LO09 Middle Louvre (1 per unit) LO10 Louvres (7 per unit) LO18 Louvre Supports LO23 Louvre Support MC01 Magnetic Catch MC02 Magnetic Door Plate MC16 Speed Controller ? MO11 Motor MO13 Motor Including Fan NE04 Red Neon NE14 Red Neon Rocker Switch NE34 Green Neon ? NE37 Round Amber Neon NE38 Round Green Neon NE39 Green Neon NE40 Amber Neon NE41 Amber Neon NE42 Round Amber Neon NE43 Round Green Neon NE46 Green Neon NE47 Amber Neon OA7922 Full Size Basket 328x298x230mm OA7923 Basket 298x214x230mm OA7924 Basket 298x143x230mm OA7925 Basket 163x143x230mm OA7937 Carbon Filter Pad (Box of 30) OBA01 ?Air Baffle 60 HZ OCC61/G OBL01 Blower for Burner NRG118 OSC/OCM 61-202 White Eff OBU01 ?Buzzer OCC/OCS/OCV 61-202 12V OBU02 ?Halogen Bulb for interior cabinet All Models OBU08 ?Int Light Gasket Frame with glass and gasket OSC 61-202 OBU09 ?Int Light Outer gasket OSC 61-202 OBU10 ?Int Light inner gasket OSC 61-202 OBU11 ?Int Light Glass panel OSC 61-202 OBU12 bushing care container/pump All Models OBU13 ?Int Light Reflector OSC 61-202 OBU14 ?Repair kit Bulb socket OSC OBU16 ?Rivet nut M5 hexagon closed for mod glass frame OSC OBU18 ?Burner OSC101G OBU19 ?Burner Kit OSC101G (Incl. burner electrode and gasket) OBU21 ?Steam Generator Burner OSC201/G OBU23 Burner Steam Gen Kit OSC_we CM_P 101/G OBU25 Door bush/Bung set for inner doors all models OBU26 Buzzer OCMP OCA09 ?5 x 4 Cable Electric Install OCA11 ?Door catch OSC 61-102 OCA12 ?Bus Cable 1.3m OSC OCA18 ?Bus Cable 0.4M OSC OCA19 ?Bus Cable 0.8M OSC OCA21 Cable Level Electrode OCA22 Door Catch OCA23 Cable MMI - TFT OSC 61-202 White eff OCA24 Cable MMI - CPU OSC 61-202 White Eff OCA25 Bus Cable 1.15m OSC/OCM White Eff OCA26 Bus Cable 1.5m OSC/OCM White Eff OCA27 ?Bus Cable 1.15m OSC/OCM White Eff OCA28 Cable Control Harness OSC61 WE OCA29 Cable Control Harness OCM P 61-102G OCA30 Contactor OCMP61 OCA31 Interface Cable USB 1.0M OSC_WE CM_P OCA32 Bus Cable 3.63M Ultravent OCA33 Bus cable RJ45/YY-Molex 1.8m OCA35 Transformer to PCB cable SCC OCA36 Capacitor/Ultravent 3.5uf OCA37 Capacitor/Ultravent 10uf OCA48 Cable W48 OCA8076 ?Pressure Spray Gun OCA8077 ?Cleaning Agent 10Ltr (Liquid) OCA8078 ?Descaler OCA8079 ?Rinse Aid 10Ltr (Liquid) OCA8106 ?Grill Cleaning Agent 10Ltr (Liquid) OCA8294 ?Cleaner Tablets (100`s) OCA8295 ?Rinse Tablets (50`s) OCA8357 ?Care Tablets (100`s) OCA8359 Combi Unit Connection Kit OCO02 ?Drain Connector D54-D50 OCO05 ?Contactor AEG LS7K10 OCC201 202 Gas OCO07 Converter OSC/OCM White eff OCO10 ?T-Fitting Water Connection OCC 61-202 OCO19 ?Contactor MC1A 310 AH6 OSC 61-202G OCO20 ?Contactor CL04A310M6-M OSC 62/101/102/E OCO24 ?Contactor OSC 102-202E CLO7A300M6-M OCO27 Cover for USB Interface OCO28 Rubber form peice venting pipe OSCWE61/62/101 OCO29 Contactor OCMP61 OCO30 Contactor BandJ K3-74B00 OCO31 Inspection coven for steam tank OCO32 Cover plate front combi duo 61/101 OCO33 Auxiliary contact RH1921-1DA11 for contact OCP02 ?Control panel insert with overlay OSC61-202/E *Lincat* OCP03 ?Front Control Panel insert with overlay OSC61-202/E *Lincat* OCP04 ?Control panel insert with overlay *Lincat* OCM61-202 OCP06 OCP07 Control Panel insert with overlay *OEM* OSC ?WE 61-202 OCP08 OCMP Control Panel with Overlay and PCB clips OCP09 Control panel insert with overlay 5 senses OCP10 OEM Control panel insertwith overlay SCC we 61-202 ODO11 ?Spring clip for door lock OCC 201/202 ODO12 ?Door Lock OCC/OSC 201/202 (Incl. ODO11) ODO14 ?Door Lock OSC 61-102 ODO17 ?Door switch 1.65m OSC 61-102/G left hinged 201/202/EandG ODO18 ?Magnet round for door contact OCC 61-102 ODO20 ?Door Bracket right OSC201 ODO21 ?Fixing device for magnet OSC 61-202 ODO22 Holding Bracket door catch ODO24 ?Door lock Mount bracket OSC 201/202 ODO29 Door Preheat Mechanism ODO30 Door Bolt ODO31 Door ODO32 Door Mounting Support Bottom OSC61-102 ODO33 Pre Heat mechanism f door scc line ODO34 Door bolt cpl OSC201/202 ODO35 Door complete for OSC61 2004 onwards ODO36 Door bracket left hand side ODO41 Door lock OSCCC210-202 ODR05 ?Door drip collector OCC 61/101 ODR06 ?Emptying Pump for Steam Generator OSC 61-202 200-240v 50/60 hz ODR07 ?Drip collector OSC 61/101 ODR08 ?Drip collector OSC 62/102 ODR09 ?Drought Diverter welded 61-101 ODR10 ?Ball drain valve OSC 61-202 e/g ODR11 ?Clip Drip Collector OSC 61-102 ODR12 ?Bush for drip collector OSC 61-102 ODR14 Drain Drip Collector ODR15 Emergency Drain Retro kit ODR16 Drain Hose Steam Gen ODR17 Drain Drip Collector ODR18 Drawer for Care Control Tablets OSC61 ODR19 Care container table unit OSC61-102 ODR20 Door drip collector OSCWE101 ODR21 Drip collector SCC OE8013/HOB Replacement Glass Top OE8014/HOB Replacement Glass Top OFI05 ?Air inlet filter OSC 61-202 OL03 Overlay for pcb display OP01 Oil Pump and Motor PA134 Pan Support PA160 Pan Support PA25 Pan support PA39 Cast Pan Supports PA46 Pan Support PD04 Acrylic Door PD05 Acrylic Door PG10 Pressure Governor PI03/S Pilot Body PI08 Pilot Assembly ? PI10 External Drain Pipe PI12 Flexible Hose PI17 Pilot Assembly (Natural) Includes Pilot Assembly Thermocouple and Ignitor PI18 Pilot Assembly (Propane) Includes Pilot Assembly Thermocouple and Ignitor PI25 Pilot Assembly (No Jet Included) PI30 Pilot Assembly (Oven) No Jet Included PI36 Inlet Connection Hose PL143 ?Plug and Lead PL144 Plug and Lead PL157 ?Plug and Lead (Curly) PL193 Plug and Lead PL201 Plug and Lead PL202 Cable Plug and Terminal Block PL209 Plug and Lead PR10 Printed Circuit Board PR100/S Power Board c/w Heat Sink PR101 Auxiliary Power Board PR102 Display Board c/w Fascia PR103 Display Board c/w Fascia PR104 Display Board c/w Fascia PR106 Display Board c/w Fascia PR107 Display Board c/w Fascia PR64KIT Printed Circuit Board Conversion Kit PR65KIT Printed Circuit Board Conversion Kit PR66KIT Printed Circuit Board Conversion Kit PR67 Circuit Board PR68 Interface PCB PR70KIT Printed Circuit Board Conversion Kit PR73 Printed Circuit Board PR74 Printed Circuit Board PR75 Printed Circuit Board PR76 Printed Circuit Board PR77 Printed Circuit Board PR82 Printed Circuit Board PRK01 ?Base Stiffner and Spacer Kit PRK02 ?Base Stiffner and Spacer Kit PS05 Pressure Switch RAD01 Radiant RC01M Radiant Cover RC02M Radiant Cover RC03M Radiant Cover RD23 Rotary Rack RE28 Relay RK07 Control Thermostat Kit RK08 Control Thermostat Kit RK09 Safety Thermostat Kit RK10 Retro Thermostat Kit RK13 Control Thermostat Kit RK14 Retro Thermostat Kit RK19 Conversion Kit To Replace Float Switch With Valve RK24 Pilot Assembly Removal Kit RK36 Interlock Switch Kit RO02 Scraper Rod RO134 Rockwool Set RO135 Nylon Roller RO136 Rockwool set RO139 Rockwool set RO145 Rockwool Set RO146 Rockwool Set RO184 Rockwool set RO81/S Element Support Rod RO84 Element Support Rod RW01 Door Rollers S/M0085 Flap Knob S/R0056 ?Impeller Blade S/R0079 Cooling Fan S/R0100 ?Capillary Tube S/R0181 Cooling Fan S-X0012 Top Door Channel S/X0013 Bottom Door Channel SA165 Enameled Drip Tray SA169 Flue Top Enamelled SB05 Long Support Bar SB06 Short Support Bar SB13 Support Bar SB24 Support Bar SB25 Support Bar (Long) SB26 Support Bar (Short) SB30 Surge Bar (Water Drawer) SB31 Surge Bar (Water Drawer) SB32 Surge Bar (Water Drawer) SB33 Surge Bar (Water Drawer) SC01 Plate Scraper SC04 Scaper SC05 Scaper SC06 Scraper SD20 Glass Door SD24 Fixed Rack SD25/S Glass Door SD26/S Glass Door SD27/S Glass Door SE05 Door Seal SE22 Door Seal (Rubber) SE23 Door Seal SE25 Braided Door Seel (Per Metre) SE27 Door Seal SE30 ?Door Seal SE31 ?Door Seal SE35 Bottom and Top Door Seal SE36 Side Door Seals SE38 Door Seal SE42 Door Seal SE75 Door Seal Sold Per Mtr SE76 Door Seal SH03 Oven Shelf (455 x 335mm) SH04 Shelf Runner SH07 Heatshield (needs 2 KN163`s) SH10 Side Runners SH101 Oven Shelf SH102 Shelf SH103 Shelf SH104 Oven Shelf SH109 Wire Shelf (1/1 GN) SH110 ?Shelf SH112 Oven Shelf (480 x 520mm) SH113 Oven Shelf SH114 Oven Grid (538mm x 450mm) SH116 Oven Grid (538mm x 650mm) SH117 Shelf Rack/Supports SH118 Shelf Rack/Supports SH119 Shelf SH120 Shelf SH121 Shelf SH122 Shelf SH123 Shelf SH124 Shelf SH125 Shelf SH126 Oven Shelf SH13 Grill Shelf (Toasting Rack) SH14 Grill Shelf (Chrome) SH29 ?Wire Shelf SH30 ?Wire Shelf SH31 ?Wire Shelf SH63 Oven Shelf (540x360mm WxD) SH68 ?Wire Shelf SH69 ?Wire Shelf SH81 Oven Shelf SH87 Oven Shelf (460x340mm) SH88 Oven Shelf (700 x 340mm) SH89 Shelf With Handles (frame only) SH90 Shelf for BR39 (615 X 288mm WxD)(2 Handles) SH91 Shelf (750x500mm WxD) SH92 Shelf SH93 Shelf SH94 ?Chrome Shelf (605 x 275mm WxD) SH97 Shelf SH98 Shelf SH99 Shelf SI01 Sensor Isolator SK01 Stabilising Kit SL05 Drawer Slides (Pair) SL12 Tap Shank SL15 Black Tap - Now Blue SL16 Tap Spindle (Stem) SL18 Tap Seal SL19 Tap Spring SL20 Tap Union Nut SL21 Tap Circlip SL22 Tap Upper (Black incl. SL18 SL19 SL16 and Handle) - Now Blue SL27 Complete Tap (Blue)  SL28 Tap Upper (Blue incl. SL18 SL19 SL16 and Handle) SL29 Complete Tap SL34 Complete Tap assembly SO1 Solenoid Valve c/w Inner Hose SO21 Solenoid Valve SO22 Solonoid SO23 Solenoid Valve SO24 Solenoid Valve SO27 Water Valve SO29 Solenoid Valve SP04 Spring and Screw (for ferrule) SP05 Shelf Pin SP06 Spatula SP08 Pilot Spacer SP36 Spring Left hand SP37 Spring Right Hand SP38 Spring (for CP12) SP43 Pressure Governor Spring (Propane) SP56 Leg Spanner SP64 Spacer For PR10 SP65 Pressure Governor Spring SP81 Spring SP83 Leg Spanner SP92 Lid Spring SR02 Side Racks SR03 Side Racks SR07 Side Rack SR09 Side Rack SR1 Side Rack SR11 Side Racks SR12 LH Side Rack SR13 RH Side Rack SR15 Side Rack SR16 LH Side Rack SR17 RH Side Rack SS05 Counterweight Support Strap ST05 Slotted Stay ST10 Oil Strainer STA01 Spillage Tray c/w Grid STA02 Spillage Tray c/w Grid STA03 Spillage Tray c/w Grid STA04 Spillage Tray c/w Grid STA05 Spillage Tray c/w Grid STA06 Spillage Tray c/w Grid STA07 Spillage Tray c/w Grid SU16 Shelf Support (4 shelves) SV03 Dispense Solenoid SW14 6-Position Rotary Switch (Hob) SW18 Control Switch SW23 Rocker Switch (Oven Light) SW25 Element Switch SW32 Door Plunger Switch SW34 Change Over Switch SW35 Momentary Switch SW38 Interlock Switch SW53 Green Neon Rocker Switch SW58 Fan Switch SW59 Green Neon Switch SW64 Microswitch SW66 Switch Black/Green SW70 Light Switch SW71 4 Pole Rotary On/Off Switch (Behind Thermostat Knob) SW72 Momentary Switch SW80 Green Button SW82 Water inlet switch ( behind button) SW86 Dispensing Switch SW87 Dummy Switch SW88 Momentary Switch SW93 LED Red SW97 On/Off Switch (Green) SW99 Rotary switch (Mounted on Front of Y16000) TA09 Gastronorm 1/1 x 100mm TA101/A Drain Valve TA25 Round Aluminium Pot TA27 Aluminium Lid TA28 Drain Bucket TA29 Drain Valve TA30 Inner Tank TA32 Inner Tank TA34 1/6 Gastronorm 150mm TA35 1/6 Gastronorm Lid TA36 1/4 Gastronorm 150mm TA37 1/4 Gastronorm Lid TA38 1/2 Gastronorm 150mm TA39 1/2 Gastronorm Lid TA41 1/2 Gastronorm 100mm TA42 1/4 Gastronorm 100mm TA43 1/3 Gastronorm 100mm TA44 1/3 Gastronorm Lid TA45 1/1 Gastronorm Lid TA48 1/6 Gastronorm 100mm TA62 Inner Tank TA71 ?1/1 Gastronorm 150mm TA72 Water tank TA76 Water tank TA85 1/3 Gastronorm 150mm TA97 1 Lever Ball Valve TA98 Ball Valve TC01 Hob Thermocouple TC03 Thermocouple TC04 Thermocouple TC05 Thermocouple Nut TC06 Thermocouple Sleeve TC07 Thermocouple Nut TC08 Split Nut for TC03 TC13 Thermocouple TC14 Thermocouple TC15 Rear Thermocouple TC16 Thermocouple 300mm TC17 Thermocouple 1200mm TC19 Thermocouple Interrupter TC20 Thermopile TC23 Thermocouple 1500mm (Oven) TC24 Thermocouple Split Nut TC34 Hob Thermocouple 750mm TC35 Thermocouple 450mm (Front) TC36 Thermocouple 700mm (Rear) TC37 Spacer for TC36 and TC35 TC38 Thermocouple Interrupter TC39 Thermocouple Interrupter TC40 Thermocouple 400mm TC41 Thermopile 600mm TC49 Oven Thermocouple 1500mm TC50 Thermocouple TC51 Thermocouple TE10 Terminal Block TE11 Terminal Black (Large) TE14 Terminal Block TE45 External Terminal Block TE47 Terminal Block TE55 Earth Terminal TE63 Terminal Block TE86 Terminal Block TFS01 Teflon Sheet TH09 Control Thermostat TH101 500 Deg Control Thermostat Th102 Limit Thermostat TH103 Thermistor TH104 Safety Thermostat TH105 Control Thermostat TH106 Control Thermostat TH107 Control Thermostat TH109 Safety Thermostat TH110 Control Thermostat TH111 Safety Cut-Out Thermostat TH114 Thermal Cutout 125c TH123 90 Deg c Cutout (Boil Dry) TH124 Thermistor TH16 Oven Thermostat (Top Oven) TH17 Flame Failure Thermostat TH201/S Oven Thermostat TH202 Control Thermostat TH203 Safety Cut-Out Thermostat TH34 Control Thermostat TH46 Oven Control Thermostat 40-260?C TH58 ?Control Thermostat TH59 Control Thermostat TH61 Safety Thermostat TH62 Control Thermostat TH63 Oven Safety Thermostat TH64 Oven Thermostat TH65 Control Thermostat TH66 Control Thermostat TH67 Safety Cut Out Thermostat TH69 Control Thermostat TH70 Control Thermostat TH73 Safety Thermostat 135C TH75 Thermostat TH76 Safety Thermostat 100?C TH78 Safety Thermostat TH79 Control Thermostat TH80 Safety Thermostat 110?C TH81 Safety Cut-Out Thermostat TH82 Control Thermostat TH86 Safety Thermostat TH87/S 95 Deg c Cutout (Over Temp./Steam) on Overflow TH88 Tank over Heat Cut-out TH95 Control Thermostat TH96 Safety Thermostat TH97 Safety Thermostat TH98 Thermistor TH99 Control Thermostat TI10 Timer TI14 Electrical Timer TI20 Timer (Order Timer Knob KN272) TI34 Timer (180 Minute) TI37 Timer (60 Minute) TI40 Timer Switch TR05 Toast Rack TR06 Toast Rack TR10 ?Toasting Tray (460x270mm WxD)(1 Handle) TR134 ?Wire Tray TR15 Toasting Tray TR52 Toast Tray TR53 Crumb Tray TS03 Trapezoidal Screw TU01 Hose For VA19 TU02 Oven Supply Tube TU05 Manifold Pipe TU08 8mm Flexi Tube TU09 4mm Flexi Tube TU105 Handle Rod TU120 Front Hob Burner Pipe (Flexible) TU121 Back Hob Burner Pipe (Flexible) TU229 Right Hand Front Burner Tube TU230 Right Hand Rear Burner Tube TU231 Left Hand Front Burner Tube TU232 Left Hand Rear Burner Tube TU233 Centre Rear Burner Tube TU234 Centre Front Burner Tube TU235 Right Hand Front Burner Tube TU236 Right Hand Rear Burner Tube TU237 Left Hand Front Burner Tube TU238 Left Hand Rear Burner Tube TU35 8mm Flexi Tube TU36 8mm Flexi Tube TU48 Drain Pipe Complete TU64 Drain Pipe TU68 Drain Pipe VA05 Ball Drain Valve VA09 Control Valve VA10 Hob Valve VA11 Control Valve VA16 Valve (Schrader) VA19 Drain Valve VA20 Multi Control Valve VA40 Control Valve (Pel) VA41 Hob Control Valve VA42 Valve VA43 Valve VA45 Control Valve (Pel) VA46 Hob Burner Valve VA41 Hob Burner Valve VA57 Valve VA64/S Control Valve VA70/S Multi Function Valve (c/w Ignition Lead and Piezo) VA71 Hob Burner Valve VA73 Valve VA74/S Hob Burner Valve WA08 Fibre Washer (Burner Jet) WA09 Tank/Drain Valve Seal (Fibre) WA10 Tank/Drain valve Seal (PTFE) WI09 Wire Basket Support ? WI12 Wire Basket Support ? WI14 Wire Basket Support WI16 Drip Tray Runner WI17 Wire Basket Support ? WI18 Wire Tray Grid WI27 Wire Basket Support ? WI28 Filter Bag Frame WL04 Over Heat Harness WR05 Wire Rack X52800 X54900 Microswitch X59000 Terminal Inlet X59200 40A Terminal Block Y16000 Control Thermostat Y19200 Single Oven Thermostat AT14 Acrylic Cover AT15 Eutectic Plates BA71 ?Multi Basket (200x200x100mm) BA72 ?Multi Basket (330x195x100mm) BA77 ?Individual Baskets (90x90x95mm) BA81 ?Basket Support and Oil Level Indicator BA88 ?Individual Baskets (95x105x95mm) BA90 ?Frying Basket (200x200x100mm) BA92 ?Oval Basket (280x200x100mm) BA97 ?Half size Lynx Basket (195x100x100mm) BE14 ?Drive Belt BKN01 ?Oven Burner Conversion Kit BKP01 ?Oven Burner Conversion Kit BP01 ?Batter Plate BP02 ?Batter Plate (305x195mm) BP03 ?Batter Plate (345x255mm) BP23 ?Batter Plate c/w Oil Level and Basket Support BP24 ?Batter Plate c/w Oil Level and Basket Support BP25 ?Batter Plate c/w Oil Level and Basket Support BP26 ?Batter Plate c/w Oil Level and Basket Support BP27 ?Batter Plate BR11 ?Branding Plate BR43 ?Top Element Bracket BR44 ?Bottom Element Bracket BU03 ?Burner BU10 ?Bulb BU14 ?Burner BU15 ?Burner BU174 Bulb (10 Watt) BU175 Bulb (8 Watt) BU176 Bulb (15 Watt) BU177 Bulb (30 Watt) BU179 Bulb (40 watt) BU180 Energy Saving UV Lamp (13 Watt) BU181 Energy Saving UV Lamp (20 Watt) BU22 ?Burner BU39 ?Oven Burner BU41 ?Oven Burner BU47 ?Burner BU48 ?Burner Bu56 Bulb BU57 Bulb BU63 ?Burner BU84 ?4.5kW Hob Burner BU90 ?Burner CA124 ?Door Pin CA134 ?Braked Castor CA135 ?Castor (No Brake) CA144 Unbraked Swivel Castor 125mm CA15 ?Door Catch - obselete CA45 ?Door Stud For CA39 CA48 Gas Canister CA73 Swivel Castor CA74 Castor Bracket CA76 Swivel Castor CA77 Braked Castor CA87 ?Lead CB9 ?Chopping Board CH01 Caterflex Hose 1 Metre CH02 Caterflex Hose 1.5m CK02 ?Element Refit Kit CK03 ?Element Refit Kit CK04 ?Element Refit Kit CK05 ?Element Refit Kit CKB61 Conversion Kit To Butane Gas CKB62 Conversion Kit To Butane Gas CKB63 Conversion Kit To Butane Gas CKB64 Conversion Kit To Butane Gas CKB65 Conversion Kit To Butane Gas CKN01 ?Conversion Kit CKN02 ?Conversion Kit CKN03 ?Conversion Kit CKN04 (13kW) Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN04 (16kW) Conversion Kit to Natural Gas CKN05 ?Conversion Kit CKN06 ?Conversion Kit CKN06/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKN07 ?Conversion Kit CKN09 ?Conversion Kit CKN10 ?Conversion Kit CKN11 ?Conversion Kit CKN11/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKN12 ?Conversion Kit CKN12/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKN15 ?Conversion Kit CKN15/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKN16 ?Conversion Kit CKN18/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKN32 Convesion Kit CKN33 Conversion Kit CKN34 Conversion Kit CKN44 Conversion Kit CKN45 Conversion Kit CKN46 Conversion Kit CKN51 Conversion Kit CKN52 Conversion Kit CKN53 Conversion Kit CKP01 ?Conversion Kit CKP01/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKP02 ?Conversion Kit CKP02/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKP03 (13Kw) Conversion Kit to LPG CKP03 (16Kw) Conversion Kit to LPG CKP04 (13Kw) Conversion Kit to LPG CKP04 (16Kw) Conversion Kit to LPG CKP05 ?Conversion Kit CKP05/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKP06 ?Conversion Kit (Obsolete) CKP06/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKP07 ?Conversion Kit CKP09 Conversion Kit (Obsolete) CKP10 ?Conversion Kit CKP11 ?Conversion Kit CKP11/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKP12 ?Conversion Kit CKP12/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKP15 ?Conversion Kit CKP15/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKP16 ?Conversion Kit CKP19/PEL ?Conversion Kit CKP20 ?Conversion Kit LPG Gas CKP23 ?Conversion Kit LPG Gas CKP27 Conversion Kit CKP32 Conversion Kit CKP33 Conversion Kit CKP34 Conversion Kit CKP44 Conversion Kit CKP45 Conversion Kit CKP46 Conversion Kit CKP51 Conversion Kit CKP52 Conversion Kit CKP53 Conversion Kit CKP56 Conversion Kit CL05 ?Cross Lighter CL06 ?Cross Lighter CM01 ?Charmarker CO111 Contactor CO203 Push Fit Filter Pipe Elbow CO206 Filter to Tank Pipe Top Elbow (1/4 to 3/8) CO28 ?Rear Cover CO76 ?Conduit Assembly (incl. flex nuts and glands) CO77 ?Conduit Assembly (incl. flex nuts and glands) CO96 ?Blanking Cap for TH38 CP11 Coupling CT110 ?Crumb Tray CV01 ?Check Valve CV02 ?Conveyor Chain CV10/S ?Conveyor Chain DC08 ?Drive Chain DI11 ?Baking Dish DK08 ?Hinge Kit (For retro-fit) DO156 Upper Door DR34 ?3 Piece Drainer set DS07 ?Drainage System DS18 ?Front Glass Surround EBM01 Right Hand Drip Tray Support EBM05?Outer Lid EBM07 ?Outer Lid EBM25/S Cap (w/ Dipstick) Digital Controller EL04 1.55kw Element EL05 2kw Element EL10 ?3kW Element EL101 ?2kW Element EL109 ?Hotplate (Hotplate) EL11 ?2.5kW Element EL111 ?9kW Element (Triple) EL112 ?2.25kW Element (Tank) EL117 2kW Element EL118 1.6kW Element EL119 ?3kW Element EL120 ?4.5kW Element EL125 Element EL126 Element EL127 Element EL128 ?1.1kW Element (Top) EL13 ?3kW Element (Single) EL14 ?4.5kW Element (Single) EL145 ?1.3kW Element (Bottom) EL15 ?0.25kW Element EL155 ?2.8kW Element EL157 4kW Element EL158 4.5kW Element EL163 1kw Element EL165 1kw Element EL166 1.25kw Element EL167 1.5kw Element EL173 ?12kW Element EL18 ?0.5kW Element EL223 ?2.75kW Element EL24 ?1.5kW Element EL40 3kW Element EL41 3kW Element EL51 ?6kW Element (Triple) EL52 ?4.5kW Element (Triple) EL88 ?6kW Element (Double) EL94 4.5kW Element EL98 ?3kW Element EL99 ?3kW Element EV01 Evaporator EV05 Evaporator FA02 Fan for MO25 FA28 Ring Mount Fan FA40 Tangential Fan FA41 Tangential Fan FA43 ?Evaporator Fan FA45 ?Evaporator Fan FE32 Foot FFD01 ?Flame Failure Device FH01 ?Filter Head FHK01 ?Fitting kit for CF1 FI16 Coffee FIlter Papers (Per 1000) 17MM Diameter FI17 ?50mm Disk Strainer FI19 ?Filter Paper FI23 Coffee Filter Papers (Per 100) FI25 ?Filter Support Spring FL01 Self Service Flap (397 x 202mm W x H) FL03 Self Service Flap (437.5 x 202mm W x H) FL04 Self Service Flap (662 x 202mm W x H) FL10 Self Service Flaps (697 x 173mm W x H) FL11 Self Service Flaps (472 x 173mm W x H) FL13 Self Service Flap (722 x 173mm W x H) FL14 Self Service Flaps (442 x 155mm W x H) FL16 Self Service Flaps (469 x 155mm W x H) FP06 ?Filter Pad Holder FU15 ?Filter Funnel G/TE38 Mains Terminal Block GA48 ?Lid Gasket GL137 ?Ribbed Top Cooking Plate GL16 ?Glass GL166 Front Glass Panel GL167 Glass Side Panel Gl168 Glass Top Panel GL169 Glass Door (451 x 250mm H x W) GL170 Glass Front Panel GL172 Glass Door (451 x 375mm H x W) GL173 Front Glass Panel GL175 Glass Door (451 x 500mm H X W) GL185 Glass Front GL186 Glass Front GL187 Glass Front GL189 Glass Front Panel GL190 Glass Door (552 x 225mm H x W) GL193 Glass Door (530 x 345mm H x W) GL194 Glass Door (530x470mm HxW) GL195 Glass Side Panel GL196 Glass Side GL204 Glass Door (368 x 470 x 6mm W x H x D) GL24 ?Glass Front Panel GL25 ?Glass Door (332x341mm WxH) GL26 ?Glass Panel GL27 ?Glass Door GL28 Glass Sides GL32 Glass Canopy GL33 Glass Canopy GL357 Glass Side GL359 Glass Door (589 x 350mm H x W) GL36 ?Glass Door GL361 Glass Front GL362 Glass Front GL364 Glass Front GL368 Glass Top GL369 Glass Top GL37 ?Glass Panel GL371 Glass Top GL372 Glass Top GL373 Glass Top GL384 Glass Door (565 x 345mm H x W) GL387 Glass Front Panel GL388 Glass Front Panel GL389 Glass Side Panel GL390 Glass Top Panel GL391 Glass Top Panel GL394 Glass Top Gl399 Glass Door (451 x 388mm H x W) GL401 ?Glass Side GL402 ?Glass Front GL403 ?Glass Side GL404 ?Glass Front GL405 ?Glass Door GL406 ?Glass Door GL41 Glass Door GL42 Glass Door GL43 Glass Door GL44 ?Glass Light Cover GL500 Glass Door 560x362mm GL501 Glass Door 410x362mm GL52 ?Glass GL53 ?Glass GL54 ?Glass GL55 ?Glass Door (332x348mm WxH) GL65 ?Glass Front Panel GR03 ?Grill Pan GR123 ?Bottom Cooking Plate GR127 ?Top Cooking Plate GR16 ?Grill Pan GR17 ?Grill Pan GR75 Half Ribbed Griddle Plate GR76 ?Griddle Plate GR96 ?Griddle Plate GU13 ?Oven Fan Guard GU14 ?Element Guard HA07 Black Handle HA51 ?Door Handle HA52 ?Door Handle HA65 ?Door Handle HA67 ?Door Handle HI10 ?Oven Door Hinge HI105 ?Hinge Upper Left Hand HI109 ?Upper Hinge (Oven) Right Hand HI15 ?Door Hinge HI16 ?Counter Support for HI15 HI27 ?Hinge HI29 ?Hinge Bracket Upper HI31 ?Hinge Bracket Lower HI34 ?Top Hinge Bracket HI36 ?Bottom Hinge Bracket HI38 ?Top Hinge Bracket HI42 ?Hinge Top Right Hand HI48 ?Oven Door Hinge HI50 ?Oven Door Hinge HI63 ?Door Hinge HI64 ?Counter Support for HI64 HI70 ?Top left hinge (oven) HI72 ?Top right hinge (oven) HI94 ?Hinge HO44 ?Chrome Element Cover HO70 ?Black Element Cover IG05 ?Ignitor Electrode IG08 ?Ignitor Electrode IG09 ?Ingnitor and Lead (For VA13 valve) IG10 ?Peizo Ignitor and Lead IM02 Generator IM022 Potentiometer IN23 ?Interrupter IN41 Interlock Bracket JE01 ?Burner Jet JE03 ?Burner Jet JE09 ?Burner Jet (Natural) JE10 ?Burner Jet (Propane) JE104 ?Burner Injector (Hob) JE105 ?Pilot Injector (Hob) JE11 ?Pilot Jet JE113 ?Oven Burner Jet JE114 ?Hob Burner Jet JE12 ?Pilot Jet JE121 ?Low Rate Jet Hob (Propane) JE141 ?Burner Jet JE18 ?Low Rate Jet (Natural) JE25 ?Low Rate Jet (Oven) JE35 ?Burner Jet JE37 ?Pilot Injector JE38 ?Pilot Jet JE41 ?Burner Jet JE42 ?Burner Jet JE44 ?Burner Jet JE49 ?Burner Jet JE54 ?Pilot Jet JE59 ?Low Rate Jet Hob and Oven (Natural) JE60 ?Main Hob Jet (Natural) JE62 ?Low Rate Jet (Hob Valve) JE70 ?Low Rate Jet for TH50 (Natural) JE85 ?Main Hob Jet (Propane) JU02 ?Glass Coffee Jug 1.7 Litres KB14 ?Kiln Bats (530x265mm DxW) KN09 ?Graduated Knob KN101 ?Control Knob KN106 ?Control Knob KN108 ??Oven Knob (FA94 Collar Included) KN113 ?Control Knob KN114 ?Timer Knob KN119 ?Timer Knob KN125 ?Control Knob KN135 ?Control Knob KN138 ?Control Knob KN148 ?Timer Knob KN156 ?Oven Control Knob KN157 ?Oven Burner Knob KN159 ?Hob Burner Knob KN170 ?Control Knob KN178 ?Control Knob KN185 ?Control Knob KN19 Knob Kit For LMR9 KN211 ?Control Knob KN218 ?Control Knob KN52 ?Switch Knob (6 Position) KN53 ?Timer Knob KN56 ?Thermostat Knob KN57 ?Control Knob KN67 ?Control Knob KN73 ?Control Knob KN94 ?Switch Knob (6 position) KN96 ?Thermostat Knob KN97 ?Thermostat Knob KN98 ?Control Knob KN99 ?Control Knob LA118 ?Lamp Assembly LA119 ?Lamp Holder LA12 ?Infra Red Lamp LA169 Lid Assembly LA170 Lid Assembly LE12 ?Upper Level Sensor LE19 ?Lower Level Sensor LE20 ?Lower Level Sensor LE23 ?Level Sensor LE48 Upper Level Sensor (2 per unit-1 x level 1 x scale detector) LE50 Adjustable Leg 150mm LI03 ?Inner Lid LI04 ?Inner Lid LI06 ?Inner Lid LM16/33 ?Lifting Mechanism (complete with Element and Thermostats) LM16/36 ?Lifting Mechanism (complete with Element and Thermostats) LM16/39 ?Lifting Mechanism (complete with Element and Thermostats) LM16/46 ?Lifting Mechanism (complete with Element and Thermostats) LM16/49 ?Lifting Mechanism (complete with Element and Thermostats) LM16/66ST ?Lifting Mechanism (complete with Element and Thermostats) LM16/ECG ?Lifting Mechanism incl. Element and Thermostats LM18 Spindle Repair Kit LO12 ?Wiring Loom LO13 ?Wiring Loom LO14 ?Wiring Loom LO15 ?Wiring Loom LO16 ?Wiring Loom LR03 ?Lava Rock (2kg Bag) MC15 ?Speed controller (AC) MO25 ?Motor and Gearbox (AC) MS19 ?Descale Powder NE02 ?Round Green Neon NE18 ?Square Amber Neon NE19 ?Square Red Neon OBA02 ?Spiral add on for OCC air baffle OBA03 ?Air Baffle Electric OBA04 Air Baffle c/w Fan OBA05 Air Baffle CPL OBO01 ?Opus Combi Fan bolts M10x20 OBU03 ?Glass for interior lamp OCC 61-202 OBU04 ?External Gasket Frame for interior light OCC 61-202 OBU05 ?Internal Gasket Frame for interior light OCC 61-202 OBU06 ?Reflector for Interior Light OCC 61-202 OBU07 ?Metal External Gasket Frame for interior light OCC 61-202 OBU17 ?Burner Steam Generator OSC61G OBU20 ?Interior light connector-2 pin-porcelain OBU22 Wiring for Interior Light OCA01 ?Cap for service door OCC 61-202 OCA02 ?Door Catch OCC 201/202 OCA03 ?Power Supply Cable screw connection OCC/OCV 61-202 OCA04 ?Capacitor 30MF Motor (Gas) OCC/OCV 61-201/G OCA05 ?Bus Cable CPU Operator PCB OCC 61-202 OCA06 ?Capacitor 25MF Motor (Gas) OCC/OCV ?201/G OCA07 ?Capacitor 20MF Motor (Gas) OCC/OCV ?61-102/G OCA08 ?Opus 5 x 2.5mm Cable OCA10 ?End Caps for Stands 40x40mm OCA13 ?Castor with Brake 125mm OCA14 ?Screwed Cable Gland m32x1.5 (11-21mm) OCA15 ?Cable Control SSR OSC 61-102 OCA16 ?Castor No Brake Trollies OCB01 ?Cook Book Self cooking centre OCE01 ?Cement Durapipe 1/2 Litre OCG8112 ?2/1 GN Grid OCH01 ?Caterflex Hose 3/4 x 1m OCH02 ?caterflex Hose 3/4 x 1.5m OCJ01 Compression Spring OCJ02 Cleanjet Lock Bolt OCJ03 Cleanjet Coupling Fixing Device OCK01 ?Conversion kit 5.6mm LPG OCL01 ?Opus Cleaner Durapipe 500ml OCL02 ?Cleanjet Arm OCC 101-202 OCL03 ?Cleanjet Arm OCC61 OCL04 ?Jubilee Clip for steam hose OCL07 ?Clamping Bar OCL09 ?Cleanjet Pump OCC 61-202(Part of OCL15) OCL10 ?Cleanjet Hose set Detergent and Rinseaid OCC201/202 OCL11 ?Reed Contact Cleanjet OCC 61-202 OCL12 ?Cleanjet Pressure Hose OCC 61-202 OCL14 ?Cleanjet kit for Combi Duo 61/61 OCL15 ?Cleanjet Retro Kit 61/101/102 Electric OCL16 ?Cleanjet Retro Kit 61/101 Gas OCL17 ?Cleanjet Retro Kit 102 Gas OCL18 ?Cleanjet Retro Kit 201/202 Electric and Gas OCL20 ?Rotating Nozzle for Cleanjet OCC 61-202 OCL21 ?Cleanjet Pourer Red Cap OCL22 ?Cleanjet Pourer Blue Cap OCL23 ?Cleanjet Nozzle OCC 61-202 OCO01 ?Pump Connection spout OCC 61-202 OCO03 ?Contactor AEG LS4K01 OCC 50-60KZ OCO04 ?Contactor AEG LS4K10 OCC 61 101 102 gas 50-60KZ OCO06 Housing for Cleaning Pump OCO08 ?Auxiliary Contact HS07K10 OCC OCO09 ?Female chemical (Rinse) quick connect unit side OCC 201/202 OCO11 ?Male chemical (Detergent) quick connect unit side OCC 201/202 OCO12 ?Relay for Cleanjet OCC 61-202 OCO13 ?Coupling Ventilation Valve Steam Generator OCC 61-202 OCO14 ?Relay for cleanjet 55.34 OCO15 ?Male Chemical (Rinse) quick connect hose side Cleanjet OCC 201/202 OCO16 ?Female Chemical Detergent) quick connect hose side Cleanjet OCC 201/202 OCO17 ?Relay for Cleanjet OCC 61-202 *Gold contact* OCO18 ?Auxiliary Relay for cleanjet OCC 61-202 *Gold Contact* OCO22 ?Contactor CK 75 OSC OCO23 ?Contactor CL 25 OSC OCO26 ?Relay Ultravent UV-61E OCP01 ?Panel Insert with Overlay OCC61-202 *Lincat* ODO01 ?Door Mount Support Bottom OCC 61-102 ODO02 ?Door Mount Support Top OCC 61-202 ODO03 ?Sleeve Door Bolt Top OCC 61-202 ODO04 ?Door Setting Bolt OCC 61-202 ODO05 ?Door Setting Console 110o OCC 61-202 ODO06 ?Door Bolt OCC 201/202 ODO07 ?Base for Door catch OCC 61-102 ODO08 ?Door catch for 1 and 2 step lock OCC 61-102 ODO09 ?Door contact switch OCC ODO10 ?Door Lock OCC 61-102 ODO13 ?Internal Glass Door OCC201 ODO15 ?Magnetic Door Contact OCC201/202 ODO16 ?Door OSC 201 ODO19 ?Door Bracket left OSC201 ODO25 ?Inner glass panel OSC/OCM 62 ODO26 Cover Door Lock ODO27 ?Door OSC/OCM61 ODO28 ?Inner Glass Door OCC61 ODR01 ?Pump for cleanjet (Clean and Rinse) ODR02 ?Door Drip collector OCC102 ODR03 ?OCV/OCC 61/101 Drip Collector with Mounting Plate (on unit) ODR04 ?OCS 61/101 Drip Collector with Mounting Plate (on unit) ODR13 ?Drain Drip Collector OSC 62-102 OEL02 ?Steam Generator Heating Element 3 x 3kw 230V OCC 61-202 OEL03 ?Filling level electrode OCC101G OEL04 ?Filling Level Electrode 90mm OCC/OSC 61-202e OEL05 ?Filling Level Electrode 70mm OEL06 ?Elbow 2 90 Deg OEL07 ?Sweptbend 50mm 90 Deg Durapipe OEL08 ?1/2 Female 90 Degree Elbow (Gas) OEL09 ?3/4 Female 90 Degree Elbow (Gas) OEL10 ?1 Female 90 Degree Elbow (Gas) OEL11 ?Outer Heating Element OCC202 15kW OEL12 ?Drain Elbow 201 Trolley OEL13 ?Inner Element OCC 61-201 9kW OEL14 ?Inner Heating Element 15kW OEL15 ?Inner Heating Assembly OCS 61-202 230v 9kW OEL16 ?Outer Heating Element OCC 101/201 230v 9kW OEL17 ?Steam Generator Heating Element 3 x 3kW OSC 61/101 230v 9kW OEL18 ?Heating Element OSC 62/102/201/202 230v 18kW OEL19 ?Filling level electrode 85mm OSC 61/62G OEL20 ?Filling level electrode 135mm OSC 101-202G OEL21 ?Filling level electrode 175mm OSC201G OEL22 Element OEL23 ?Heating Assembly OSC101 OEL24 Heating Assembly OEL25 Heating Assembly OEP04 ?Eprom Chip XS5.06S OCC E/G OEP05 ?OSC Eprom OF105 Air Inlet Filter (16.00.673) OFA01 ?Fan Motor 4/8 Pol OCC 61/101/201 OFA02 ?Fan Motor 4/4 Pol OCV/OCS 61/101/201 OFA03 ?Fan Motor 4/8 Pol OCC/OCV 102/202 400v OFA04 ?Fan Motor 4/4 Pol OCV/OCS 102/202 OFA05 ?Fan Motor L9 4 Pol OCC 61-201/G 230-240v OFA06 ?Cooling Fan OCC 220v OFA07 ?Fan Motor OCC 102/202 220-240v OFA08 ?Fan Wheel OCC 61/101/201 OCC201G OFA09 ?Cooling Fan OCC/OCV 102-202 Gas OFA10 ?Fan Motor OCC 102/202 OFA11 ?Fan Wheel OCC 102/202 OFA12 ?Fan Motor OSC 61/62/101/201 100-240v 450w OFA13 ?Fan Wheel OSC 61/101/201 d340x110 OFA14 ?Fan Wheel OSC 62/102/202 d340x135 OFA15 ?Fan motor OSC 61-202 400-480v850w OFA16 ?Cooling Fan DC OSC 201/202 OFA17 ?Fan/Motor Ultravent UV-61E OFA18 Cooling Fan 12v OFE01 ?Adjustable plastic foot (for Stands) OFE02 ?Feet plate for stands OFE03 ?Feet for Stands OFI01 ?Electronic Noise Filter OCC/OCV 61-202 OFI02 ?Air Inlet Filter OCC 102/201Gas OFI03 ?Air Inlet Filter OCC 61-202 (Filter complete) OFI06 ?Electronic Noise Filter OSC 61-202/E OFI07 ?Electronic noise filter OSC 61-202/G OFL01 ?Ext double flange hot air heater OCC 101/201 OFU01 ?Fuse 6.35 x 32 mm 3A (Slow Blow) OCC OFU02 ?Fuse 6.35 x 32 mm 10A (time lag) OCC OFU03 ?Fuse holder Terminal Block 6x32mm OCC OFU04 ?2Amp Fuse RS100-0045F8 OCV 250v OFU05 ?2Amp Fuse F9 OFU06 ?Fuse 16amp OCC OFU07 ?Fuse 6.5x32mm 16amp OFU08 ?63amp Fuse OCC202 OFU09 ?Fuse 6.3amp for Ultravent OFU10 ?Fuse 5x20mm 250v 6.3amp OFU11 ?Fuse 0.1amp (100ma) OCM PCB OFU12 ?Fuse 5x20mm 250v 1.6amp OGA01 ?Gasket Shower Hose OCC OGA02 ?Gasket Sleeve with Nipple OCC 61-202 OGA03 ?O-Ring Gasket quenching chamber OCC OGA04 ?Gasket Transport Trolley OCC 201 OGA05 ?Gasket Transport Trolley OGA06 ?Gasket Quenching thermostat OCC 61-102 OGA07 ?Gasket for Level electrode OCC 61-202/G OGA08 ?Gasket hot air heat exchanger/interior cabinet OSC 61-202G OGA09 ?Motor Shaft gasket OCC61/101/201 OGA10 ?O-Ring for Gas Connection Flange OGA11 ?Gasket for Heating element OCC 61-202 OGA12 ?Gasket for measuring orifice OCC 61-202/G OGA13 ?Seal for Heating Assembly OCS 61-202 OGA14 ?Gasket for Heating element OSC 62/102-202 OGA15 ?Gasket for Heating element OSC 61/101 OGA16 ?Gasket quenching chamber o-ring OCC 61-202/G OGA17 ?Sealing lip and mounting device for sealing lip OSC61-202*OEM* OGA18 ?Gasket stacking kit vent pipe (Square) Combi Duo 61 on 101 OGA19 ?Gasket stacking kit Red o-ring DN50 OGA20 ?Insulation/Gasket for Burner steam gen OSC61-202G OGA21 ?Gasket for vent pipe ?Combi Duo 62 on 102 OGA22 ?Gasket Exhaust pipe Combi Duo 102/E OGA23 ?Gasket for ignition electrode OSC 61-202G OGA24 ?Gasket for burner carrier OSC 61-202G OGA25 ?Gasket Glass Pnel/Trolley OSC line 201 OGE01 ?Pulse Generator OCC 61-202 OGE02 ?Pulse Generator OSC 61-202 OGL01 ?Inner glass panel OSC101 OGL02 ?Inner Glass Door Assembly OSC61 OGL04 Inner Glass Panel OHA01 ?Hand Shower (Shower Head) OCC 61-202 OHA02 ?Hand Shower Roll (Hose and Reel) OCC 61-202 OHA03 ?T-Fitting Hand Shower Connection OCC 61-202 OHA04 ?Armoured hose for hand shower roll guide 1345mm OCC OHA05 ?Tulip for Handshower OCC 61-102 OHA06 ?Hall Sensor cpl OCC OHA07 ?Handle 201 Trolley/Plate Rack OHA08 ?Door Handle OSC 201/202 OHA09 ?Door Handle OSC 61-102 OHA10 ?Hand shower OSC 61-202 OHA11 ?Tulip for Handshower OSC 201/202 OHA12 ?Handshower Roll Guide OSC 61-102 OHA13 ?Handshower Roll Guide OSC 201/202 OHA14 ?Tulip for handshower OSC 61-102 OHA15 ?Tape for tulip OSC 61-102 OHA16 ?Door Handle OCC 201/202 OHA17 ?Tape for tulip OCC201 OHA18 ?Trolley Handle OSC202 OHA19 ?Door Handle OCC61-201 OHA20 ?Handshower retaining clamp OHC01 Humidity Control Cpl with Motor OHO01 ?Silicon Hose 6x2 Red OCC61-202 OHO02 ?Silicon Hose 6x2 White OCC61-202 OHO03 ?1m Silicon Hose OCC102 OHO04 ?Silicon Hose d15x3 OCC 61-102 OHO05 ?Hose Fitting for Cleanjet OHO06 ?Emptying hose steam generator OCC61 OHO07 ?Steam Hose 50x7mm OCC 61/101/201 OHO08 ?Emptying hose steam generator OCC101 OHO09 ?Silicon hose pump connection 60mm long OHO11 ?Suction Hose OSC201/202 OHO12 ?Pressure hose OSC201/202 OHO13 ?Drain Hose Steam Generator OSC201/G OHO14 ?Silicone hose safety valve OCC101-202 OHO15 Pressure Hose Solonoid to Cavity OHO16 Drain Hose Steam Generator OHO17 Pressure Hose OHO18 Pressure Hose OHO19 Suction Hose for Cleaning OHO20 Junction Pressure Hose OHO21 Hose D 50 x 202 OHO22 Conversion Kit Silicone Hose Humidity Control OHO24 Pipe for Handshower to Solonoid OHU01 ?Humidity valve OCC 61-202 OIG02 ?Ignition Module Gas OCC/OCV 61-202/G OIG03 ?Set Wire Ignition/Monitoring OCC61G OIG04 ?Gas Ignition Module OCC 61-202 OIG05 ?Auto Ignition Controller OSC 61-202G OIG06 ?Ignition electrode steam generator OSC 101-202G OIG07 ?Ignition electrode steam generator OSC 61/62G OIG08 ?Ignition electrode 1 for hot air OSC 61-202G OIG09 ?Ignition electrode 2 for hot air OSC 61-202G OIG10 ?Wire set ignition/monitoring OCC101/G OKN01 ?Knob Pulse Generator OCC 61-202 OKN02 ?Control Knob Opus OCV/OCS 61-202 OKN03 ?Knob pulse generator OSC 61-202 OKN04 ?Knob OCV61-202E/G OKN05 ?OEM Control Knob OCM62 OLE01 ?Lower Leg OCC 61-102 OLE02 ?CDS Water Volume Sensor OCC61-202 (not level) OLE03 ?Water Volume Sensor OSC61-202 OLE05 Water Volume Sensor c/w Wires OLI01 ?Inspection lid for quenching chamber OSC 61-102 OLO01 ?Internal Lock Cover OCC 61-102 OLO02 ?Lock Cover OSC 61-102 OLO03 ?Wiring Loom OSC61G OLO04 ?Wiring Loom OCC201 OLO05 ?Cable Control Harness OSC201/202G OLO06 Internal Lock Cover Lef Hand Hinged Door OLS01 ?L/H Side Panel OCC202 OMA01 ?User Manual All OCC`s OMA02 ?User Manual OCS/OCV`s OMA03 ?Manual OSC OMA04 ?Manual OCM OMA05 ?OSC *OEM* Manual and Drill Bit (Boxed) OMO01 ?Motor Protector OCC 61-202 1 pole OMO02 ?Humidity Control Motor (12 volt) OCV/OCC 61-202 OMO03 ?Blower for Burner RG100 OCC/OCV/G 24v OMO04 ?Blower for burner RG130 OCC/OCV 24v OMO05 ?Protective Cover Lower Gas Blower Motor OCC202/G OMO06 ?Fan Motor 4pol OCC 102-202 OMO07 ?Blower Motor Gas Burner (Hot Air) 230v OCC OCV RG100 OMO08 ?Blower Burner Gas (Steam) OCC 102/201/202 230v RG130 OMO09 ?Fan Motor OCC/OCS/OCV 61/101/201 240v 60hz OMO10 ?Humidity Control cpl with motor OSC61-202 OMO11 ?Blower for burner RG148 OSC 230v OMO12 ?Blower for burner RG130 OSC 230v OMO13 Motor Cooling Wheel OMS01 ?Memory stick OCS OMS02 ?Memory stick kit incl USB cable OMS03 ?Memory Stick- Unit software ONE02 ?Control neon green OCS61-202 ONU01 ?Hex combi nut M5 Gal ONU02 ?Hex combi nut M6 Gal OPA01 ?Rear panel OCC101 OPA02 ?Front Metal Panel OCC101 OPA03 ?Front panel OSC 201/202 OEM OPA04 ?Crossbar front panel (Panel behind the controls) OSC201/202 OPA05 ?Side panel left hand OSC201 OPA06 ?Top cover OSC201 E OPA07 ?Box Packing for OSC101 OPA08 ?Side panel left hand OCC101 OPA09 ?Right Hand Panel OSC61 OPA10 ?Packing for OCM61 OPA11 ?Pallet OCM61 OPA12 ?Packing for OCM101G OPA13 ?Back Panel OCM101 OPA14 ?Left Hand Side Panel OSC101 OPA15 ?Top cover OSC61G OPA16 ?Back Panel OSC61 OPA17 ?Left Hand Side Panel OSC/OCM 61 OPA18 ?Packaging for OSC62 OPA19 ?Cardboard Packing for OSC62 OPA20 ?Pallet OSC62 OPA21 ?Front Metal Panel OSC61 OPA23 ?Set of Edge cushions (packing) 201/202 OPA24 ?Cushion for door handle(packing) OPA25 ?Edge protection for unit top (packing) OPA26 Top Cover OPA27 R/H Side Panel OPA28 ?Front Panel *OEM* OCM201 OPA30 Front Metal Panel OPI01 ?Drain Pipe Steam Generator (20cm) Silicon hose 10x2mm OCC 61-202 OPI02 ?50mm OD Durapipe 2.5mm OPI03 ?1/2 Steel Pipe 790mm Male Threaded OPI04 ?3/4 Steel Pipe 790mm Male Threaded Gas OPI05 ?3/4 Steel Pipe 1000mm Male Threaded Gas OPI06 ?3/4 Steel Pipe 835mm Male Threaded Gas OPI07 ?1 Steel Pipe 1020mm male Threaded Gas OPI08 ?Rubber venting pipe OCC 61/101 OPI09 ?Rubber venting pipe OSC 61/101 OPI10 ?Drain Pipe Ultravent OPI11 Connection Pipe for Handshower Roll Guide OPI12 Hose D 50 x 833 OPI13 Exhaust Vent Pipe OPL01 ?5 Pin 16amp Plug OPL02 ?Stiffening Plate for Trolley 6x1/1gn 10x1/1gn OPO01 ?Interior Cavity Polish OPO02 ?Potentiometer CT OCM 61-202 OPR01 ?PCB Power Supply /CPU OCC/OCV 61-202 OPR02 ?PCB Operator Electrical OCV61-202 OPR03 ?PCB Operator OCC61-202 OPR04 ?Bypass/Level PCB Control OCS/OCV OPR05 ?Operator PCB Gas OCV 61-202/G OPR06 ?Meat Probe Sensor OCC61-202 OPR07 ?IQT Sensor OCC 61-202 OPR08 ?PCB Motor Control for Fan Motor OCC61-201 OPR09 ?Meat Probe sensor OSC201/202 OPR10 ?Meat probe sensor OCM201/202 OPR11 ?Control Pcb OSC 61-202 OPR12 ?Control Pcb OCM61-202 OPR13 Control PCB OPR14 ?Meat Probe OSC61-102 OPR15 ?Meat Probe OCM61-102 OPU01 ?Emptying pump steam generator OPU02 ?Pump for self cleaning UP30 OSC 61-102 OPU03 ?Pump for self cleaning UP30 OSC 201/202 OPU04 ?Electric descaler pump ORA01 ?Hinged Rack Set OC61 ORA02 ?Left Hand Oven Rack ORA03 ?Right Hand Oven Rack ORA04 ?Left Hand Oven Rack OCC101 ORA05 ?Right Hand Oven Rack OCC101 ORA06 Pair Side Racks ORA07 L/H Side Rack ORA08 R/H Side Rack ORC01 ?RC Link for contactor OCC ORE01 ?Retrofit kit additional relay OCC102/201 gas ORE02 ?Retrofit kit additional relay OCC202 gas ORE03 ?Relay-1/0 PCB OSC 61-202 ORI01 ?Rivet 4x9.9 ORO01 ?Solid State Relay 2 Pole OSC01 ?Countersunk Head screw with hex socket M8x30 OSC02 ?Torx screw (OHA09) OSC03 ?Hex self tapping screw OSE01 ?Sealing Cone Thermocouple OCC61-202 OSE02 ?Door seal OCC/OCV/OCS101 OSE04 ?Door seal OCC/OCV/OCS201 OSE05 ?Door seal OCC/OCV/OCS202 OSE06 ?Door seal OCC/OCV/OCS61 OSE08 ?Door Seal OSC/OCM61 OSE09 ?Door Seal OSC/OCM101 OSE10 ?Door Seal OSC/OCM201 OSE11 ?Door Seal OSC/OCM62 OSE12 ?Door Seal OSC/OCM102 OSE13 ?Door Seal OSC/OCM202 OSI01 ?Outlet seive OCC 61/101/201 OSI02 ?Outlet seive (Internal Cavity)OCV/OCS 61/101 OSI03 Outlet Sieve OSO01 ?Solonoid Valve Hot Air Gas valve OCC/OCV/G OSO02 ?Double Solonoid Valve OCC 61-202 220-240v OSO03 ?Double Solonoid Valve OSC 230-240v OSO04 ?Single Solonoid valve OSC 230-240v OSO05 ?Single Solonoid Valve Cleanjet OCC201/202 220-240v OSO06 Single Solenoid OSO07 Triple Solonoid Valve OSP01 ?Spacer OCC 61-202 OSP02 ?L/H Side Panel OCC61 OSP03 ?Seperation Plate Air Intake OCC61/101 Gas OSP04 ?Door Hinge spring for upper door hinge OCC61-202 OST01 ?Steam Generator Tank OCC/OCV101Gas OST02 ?Steam Generator Tank OCC/OCV 61 Gas OST03 ?Steam Generator tank isolated OCS/OCV/OCC101 OST04 ?Steam Generator tank isolated OCS/OCV/OCC201 OST05 ?Steam Generator tank isolated OCS/OCV/OCC61 OST06 ?Water Inlet sticker OST07 ?Steam Generator Tank OSC101G OST08 ?Steam Generator Tank OSC61G OST09 Steam Tank OST10 ?Steam Generator Tank OSC101 OST11 ?Steam Generator Tank OSC61 OST12 ?Steam Generator Tank OCC201/G OST13 Steam Tank OSW01 ?Pressure Sensor Humidity Control OCC61-202 OSW02 ?Gas Pressure Switch OCC/OCV 61-202/G OSW03 ?Pressure Switch (Part of OCL15/16/17/18) OSW04 ?Mode switch OCS 61-202 OSW05 ?F4 Mimetal Switch 110DG SSR OCC/OCV 130-250v OSW06 ?Diff Pressure Switch OCC 61-202 OSW07 ?Single Solonoid Valve OCC 61-202 220-240v 50hz OSW08 ?Micro Switch Clima Plus OSW09 ?Door Switch OSC 61-202 OSW10 ?Pressure sensor Humidity Control OCC 61-202 OSW11 ?Micro Switch OCC/OSC OTA01 ?Tank for OCC61-102 Clean Agent and Rinseaid OTA02 ?Suction plug cleanjet tank OTC01 ?Thermocouple Long 250mm For interior cabinet OCC 61-202 OTC02 ?Thermocouple Long 1800mm ?OCC 61-202 OTC03 ?Thermocouple Short 1000mm OCC 61/101 OTC04 ?Thermocouple 1900mm OCC 102/201/202 OTC05 ?Thermocouple Steam Gen OSC 62/101/201/202 OTC06 ?Thermocouple Quenching OSC *B2* OTC07 ?Thermocouple Inteior Cabinet B1 OSC 201/202 OTC08 ?Thermocouple c/w ring fastening OCC OTC10 ?Thermocouple steam generator OSC 61-202E OTC12 ?Thermocouple Humidity OSC 61-202 OTC13 ?Thermocouple steam generator (B5) OSC 61/62G OTC14 ?Thernocouple steam generator (B5) OSC 101/102/202/G OTE01 ?Terminal Box Cover (Grey flat panel) OTE01/MOULDED ?Terminal Box Cover (Black Moulded) OTE02 ?Terminal Block 4mm yellow/green OTE03 ?Terminal Grey 16mm grey OTE04 ?Earth Terminal 16mm yellow/green OTE05 ?Terminal Sicotronic 7 Poles OTE06 ?Terminal Blue 16 qmm OTH01 ?Safety Thermostat Limiter 360 oC OCS/OCV/OCC OTH02 ?Safety Temperature Limiter 360 oC OTH04 ?Safety Stat 135 oC (Steam Generator) OCC 61-202 55 12524 600 OTH05 ?Thermostat Steam Generator OCC 61-202 OTH07 ?Dry up protector 160deg Safety temp limiter (Steam Generator electric) OTH08 ?Safety Temp Limiter 365 oC OSC 61-202G (Interior Cabinet) OTH09 ?Thermostat Pre-Heat Steam Generator OTH10 Thermostat OTI01 ?Timer OCS61-202 120 minute OTO01 ?Top cover OCS101 OTR01 ?Control Transformer OCC/OCV 61-202-200-260V OTR02 ?Control Transformer for blower motor OCC/OCV/G 230v OTR03 ?Trap 2 Low Sweep Trap OTR04 ?Pulse Transformer OCC 61-202 OTR05 ?Halogen Transformer CPC Line OCS/61-102 200-230v OTR06 ?Control Transformer OSC 61-202 OTR07 ?Control transformer OSC 61-102G OTR09 Transformer for Cooling Fan OTU01 ?Silicon Tube 90ml OTU02 ?Copper Tundish OTU03 ?Coupling Copper Tundish OVA01 ?Safety Valve CPC line OCS/OCV 61-202 OVA02 ?Gas Valve OCC 61-202 OVA03 ?Gas Valve GB 055 WND (lateral) OSC ?61-202G *Hot air* OVA04 ?Gas Valve GB 055 ND (Straight) OSC 61-202/G *Steam* PA122 Cast Pan Supports PA17 ?Pan Support PA27 ?Cast Pan Supports PA44 ?Enamel Pan Support PB10 ?Fixed Bearing PB11 ?Sliding Bearing PI09 ?Door Catch Pin PI14 ?Pilot Assembly PI27 ?Pilot Assembly (No Jet Included) PI48 ?Thermocouple 700mm (Rear hob) PI54/S ?Pilot Assembly (Hob) (No jet included) PKN10 ?Service Cassette (Pel) PKP10 ?Service Cassette (Pel) PL133 13 amp Plug PL138 ?Plug PR23 ?Printed Circuit Board PS03 ?Pressure Switch RD11 ?Rotary Display Shelf RD13 ?Rotary Display Shelf RE26 ?Bottom chute/Toast Slide RK01 ?Retro Thermostat Kit RK02 ?Retro Thermostat Kit RK20 Conversion Kit To Replace Float Switch With Valve RO105 Rockwool Set RO106 Rockwool Set RO107 Rockwool Set RO188 Rock Wool Insulation RO192 Rock Wool Insulation S/E0045 Evaporator S/E0231 Starter S/E0232 Starter Holder S/E0233 End Caps (for S/E0229) S/E0236 Choke Ballast S/E0335 Fluorescent Tube 8 Watt S/E0370 S/E0485 ?Digital Thermostat S/EC End Caps S/F0095 Curved Self Service Flap S/GCUR500 Curved Glass Top S/GCUR750 Curved Glass Top S/GF1452/566 Front Glass Panel S/GF702/566 Front Glass Panel S/GF713/433 Glass Front S/GF952/384 Glass Front S/GF952/566 Front Glass Panel S/GSI457/554 Glass Side Panel S/GSI463/584 Glass Side S/GT952/280 Glass Top S/M0075 Finger Pull S/R0035 Evaporator S/R0040 Condensor S/R0045 Evaporator S/R0050 Evaporator S/R0055 Condenser S/R0085 Ring Mount Fan S/R0086 Fan Motor 7 Watt S/R0175 Condenser S/R0178 ?Condenser S/T0025 Magnetic Tape S/W0025 Chrome Shelf (495 x 440mm D x W) S/W0045 Chrome Shelf (490 x 930mm D x W) S/W0085 White Shelf (685 x 490mm W x D) S/W0090 White Shelf (935 x 490mm W x D) S/W0097 White Shelf (1400 x 490mm W x D) S/W0110 Chrome Shelf 455 x 435mm D x W) S/W0115 Chrome Shelf (455 x 685mm D x W) S/W0120 Chrome Shelf (455 x 935mm D x W) S/W0135 White Shelf (455 x 640mm D x W) S/W0140 White Shelf (455 x 890mm D x W) S/W0145 Wire Rack (680 x 380mm W x D) SA172 ?Flue Top Enamelled SA364 ?Flue Top Enamelled SA366 ?Flue Top Enamelled SA500 ?Enamelled Flue SA502 ?Enamelled Flue SB01 Support Bar SD13 ?Static Rack SD19 ?Static Rack SE12 ??Tank Seal SE17 ?Door Seal SE18 ?Door Seal (Rubber) Side SE19 ?Door Seal SE20 ?Door Seal SE24 ?Door Seal SE28 ?Door Seal SE37 ?Door Seal (3 Meters per unit) SH106 ?Wire Shelf (1/1 GN) SH107 ?Shelf Rack (sides) SH108 ?Shelf Rack (sides) SH25 ?Oven Shelf (560x390mm WxD) SH38 ?Plated Shelf (635 x 270mm WxD) SH46 Shelf SH47 Shelf SH48 Shelf SH52 ?Shelf (528x360mm WxD) SH53 ?Shelf (678x360mm WxD) SH55 ?Oven Shelf SH62 ?Grill Shelf SH74 ?Oven Shelf SH75 ?Oven Shelf SH79 ?Side Rack SH85 ?Grill Shelf SH86 ?Grill Shelf SHG13 Grill Shelf (Toasting Rack 2 Handles ) 548mm x 288mm Tomlinson Tap Top Repair Kit For Hot Water Tea Ern Boilers Lincat Instanta Parry SO16 ?Solenoid Valve SP39 ?Spray Jet SP52 ?Spray Jet ST137 Starter STA08 Drip Tray Assembly SW10 Fan Switch SW11 ?Switch SW12 Single Switch SW12 Double Switch SW17 ?Red Rocker Switch SW49 ?Switch TA23 ?Round Stainless Steel Pot Including Lid TA31 ?Inner Tank TA54 ?1/1 Gastronorm Container 40mm TA73 ?Drain Valve TA74 ?Drain Valve TA82 ?Inner Tank TA83 ?Inner Tank TA84 ?Inner Tank TA96 ?Isolation Valve TC09 ?Thermocouple Nut TC12 ?Thermocouple (No Pilot Assembly) TC18 ?Thermocouple Interrupter TC28 ?Oven Thermocouple TC29 ?Nut for TC28 TD01 ?Temperature Display TE57 Terminal Block TG01 Temperature Guage TH07 Thermostat Switch TH08 ?Thermostat (Robertshaw) TH10 ?Control Thermostat (2 connections) TH12 ?Thermostat TH201/S Oven Thermostat TH14 ?Control Thermostat TH15 ?Control Thermostat (Robertshaw) TH18 ?Control Thermostat TH27 ?ControlThermostat TH32 ?Control Thermostat TH33 ?Control Thermostat/Switch TH35 ?Thermal Cut Out (Fixed Stat 80o C) TH37 ?Control Thermostat TH38/S ?Oven Thermostat (FA94 and VA12 Included) TH40 ?Control Thermostat TH44 ?Safety Cut-Out Thermostat TH51 ?Safety Thermostat (13Kw) TH71 ?Safety Thermostat TH72 ?Safety Thermostat (16Kw) TH77 ?Control Thermostat TH89 ?Trip free attachment for TH88 TI15 ?Mechanical Timer TI28 ?Timer (also order new knob KN148) TI38 Timer (Order Timer knob KN272) TR02 Transformer TR24 ?Grill Tray TR36 ?Wire Tray TS01 ?Tube Spanner for Hob Jets TU193 1/4 Plastic Tube - Blue [per metre] TU54 Bulb (430mm) (15 Watt) TU69 Bulb (18 Watt) TU72 Bulb (8 Watt) TU74 Bulb (25 Watt) VA01 ?Control Valve (Includes Ignitor) VA07 ?Control Valve ? VA08 ?Control Valve (Piezo Ignitor Included) VA13 ?Control Valve (Robertshaw) VA17 ?Control Valve (Hob) (Needs VA12) VA17 (+ VA12) ?Control Valve c/w Valve Seal VA18 ?Control Valve (Minisit) c/w Thermostat VA30 ?Valve (Right Hand Burner/Lower) VA31 ?Valve (Left Hand Burner/Higher) VA32 ?Control Valve WB01?Wire Brush